Operating Recommendations Wall mount Samsung SH05ZZ8/SEK

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Operating Recommendations

Here are a few recommendations that you should follow when using
your air conditioner.



Heating performances

The heat pump inside the air conditioner
absorbs heat from outside air and brings it
indoors. If the temperature of the outside air
drops, the air conditioner will heat less. If you
find that the room is not warm enough, use an
additional heating appliance.

Warm air circulation

The air conditioner circulates warm air to heat
your room; as a result, some time will be
required after starting the air conditioner to
warm the entire room. If necessary, set the air
conditioner on before you wish to use the


When outside temperatures are low and
humidity is high, frost may form in the outdoor
unit when heating is selected.
If this happens:
◆ The heating operation is stopped.

◆ The Deice mode is triggered automatically

for about seven minutes.

No intervention is required from you; after
about seven minutes, the air conditioner starts
operating again normally.

High indoor and outdoor

If both the indoor and outdoor temperatures


are high and you select the Heat mode, the
outdoor unit’s fan and compressor may stop at
times. This is normal; simply wait until the air
conditioner switches on again.

Power failure       

If a power failure occurs when the air
conditioner is operating, the unit is switched off. 
When the power returns, the air conditioner
starts up again automatically.