Wall mount Samsung SH05ZZ8/SEK

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Safety Precautions

The following safety precautions must be taken when using your air conditioner.

◆ Users of this product are cautioned not to attempt repair of this product

at their own discretion. Instead, they are requested to directly contact a
designated service center or the outlet at which the product was 

◆ Never spill any kind of liquid into the unit. Should this happen, unplug 

or main switch off the unit and contact an authorized service center.

◆ Do not insert anything between the air outlet blades because the inner 

fan may be damaged and could cause injury. Keep children away from
the unit.

◆ Do not place any obstacles in front of the unit.
◆ Do not spray liquid of any kind into the indoor unit. Should this happen,

switch off the breaker used for your air conditioner and contact your
installation specialist.

◆ Make sure that the unit is correctly ventilated at all times: 

Do not place clothing or other materials over it.

◆ If the wireless remote control will not be used for a long time, remove

the batteries. (If applicable)

◆ When using a wireless remote control, the distance should not be more

than 7 meters from the air conditioner. (If applicable)




◆ Never store or ship the air conditioner upside down or sideways to

avoid damage to the compressor.

◆ The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm 

persons without supervision: Young children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

◆ Max current is measured according to IEC standard for safety and 

current is measured according to ISO standard for energy efficiency.



◆ Before throwing out the device, it is necessary to pull back the battery

cells and get rid of them safely for recycling reasons.

◆ When you need to dispose of the unit, consult your dealer. If pipes are

removed incorrectly, refrigerant may blow out and come into contact
with your skin, causing injury. Releasing refrigerant into the atmosphere
also damages the environments.

◆ Please recycle or dispose of the packaging material for this product in

an environmentally responsible manner.



Risk of electric shock. 

•  Can cause injury or death. •  Disconnect all

remote electric power supplies before servicing, installing or cleaning. 
• This must be done by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similar
qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.