PowerSaver Lcd Samsung 27" LED монитор серии 3 c беспроводной зарядкой S27E370D

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The power-saving function of this product reduces power consumption by switching off the screen and changing the colour of the power LED if the product is not used 
for a specified period of time. The power is not turned off in power-saving mode. To switch the screen back on, press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse. Power-
saving mode only functions when the product is connected to a PC with a power-saving function.


Power Consumption

Power off (Power button)

Power Indicator



Power Consumption


Typical 30 W
Max 35 W

0.3 W or lower


Typical 33 W
Max 35 W


― The displayed power consumption level can vary in different operating conditions or when settings are changed.


― This product is not ENERGY STAR® certified.


― SOG(Sync On Green) is not supported.


― To reduce the power consumption to 0, disconnect the power cord. Disconnect the power cable if you will not be using the product for an extended period of time  

(during vacation, etc.)