Precautions Lcd Samsung 27" LED монитор серии 3 c беспроводной зарядкой S27E370D

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― Make sure to read the user manual before use to ensure that you use the monitor properly and safely.


― This wireless charging monitor is compatible with Qi-certified devices (receivers).


― This monitor uses a magnetic induction system and has obtained Qi certification for wireless charging from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).  

The monitor can charge mobile devices made according to Qi standards. Do not use the monitor to charge a device that has not been manufactured according to 
Qi standards (certification).


― Make sure to use the standard monitor adapter that came with the monitor.

Connect the adapter to the monitor, 
then check the effective wireless 
charging range indicated on the stand. 
Next, place your mobile device in the 
Centre of the range. Make sure that the 
device supports wireless charging.
After placing the mobile device in the 
correct position, make sure that the 
device starts charging.
The charging progress is indicated by 
the LED at the bottom of the stand, 
in addition to sound, message and 
charging icon notifications on the 

Wireless charging may not work or the 
mobile device may fall off if the device 
is not correctly positioned inside the 
effective wireless charging range. This 
range is marked with a circle.

The mobile device may not charge in 
the following cases: the device is placed 
outside the wireless charging range, the 
device screen is facing downwards, or 
the device is far from the charging point.

Do not place the wireless charging cover 
in the wireless charging area without a 
mobile device.
The monitor may overheat and fail. An 
overheating monitor can also cause 
heat burns or fire.



Your mobile device may slip, depending 
on the material and shape of the back 
of the device. Use the anti-slip pad 
included in the package.