Using the Wireless Charging function Lcd Samsung 27" LED монитор серии 3 c беспроводной зарядкой S27E370D

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Using the Wireless Charging function

Chapter  04

Wireless Charging


― The wireless charging cover and mobile device should be purchased separately.


― If wireless charging does not work, check your mobile device first. 

Ensure that the device supports wireless charging and is not broken.


― Wireless charging times can vary, depending on the mobile device position, the wireless charging cover/module, and battery life.


― For (Qi-certified) devices that can be wirelessly charged, go the following website: (


― LED indications for each status


Status LED Indication

Power is connected

Red    Green    Orange

Charging is in progress


Charging is completed


Error occurred while 


Red    Green    Flashes in orange, then turns off

In standby mode

Turns off


― Indications can vary, depending on the mobile device and wireless charging cover.