Connecting and Using a Source Device Lcd Samsung 27" LED монитор серии 3 c беспроводной зарядкой S27E370D

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Connecting and Using a Source Device

Chapter  03

Before Connecting

Check the following before you connect this product with other devices.

Pre-connection Checkpoints


― Before connecting a source device, read the user manual provided with it.

The number and locations of ports on source devices may differ from device to 


― Do not connect the power cable until all connections are completed.

Connecting the power cable during connection may damage the product.


― Check the types of ports at the back of the product you want to connect.

Connecting and Using a PC

Select a connection method suitable for your PC.


― Connecting parts may differ in different products.

Connection Using the D-SUB Cable (Analogue Type)


― Do not connect the power cable before connecting all other cables.

Ensure you connect a source device first before connecting the power cable.


Connect the D-SUB cable to the RGB IN port on the back of the product and the RGB port on the PC.

Connect the DC power adapter to the product and a power socket. Next, turn on the power switch on the PC.

Change the input source to 


 controlling the JOG button UP/DOWN, when input source is not set.


― Provided ports may vary depending on the product.