Resolution Lcd Samsung 27" CURVED LED монитор серии 5 C27F591FDI

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Horizontal Frequency (kHz)

Vertical Frequency (Hz)

Pixel Clock (MHz)

Sync Polarity (H/V)

VESA, 1920 x 1080






― Horizontal Frequency

The time required to scan a single line from the left to the right side of the screen is called a horizontal cycle. The reciprocal number of a horizontal cycle is called horizontal frequency. Horizontal frequency is measured in kHz.


― Vertical Frequency

Repeating the same picture dozens of times per second allows you to view natural pictures. The repeat frequency is called "vertical frequency" or "refresh rate" and is indicated in Hz.


― This product can be set to only one resolution for each screen size to obtain the optimum picture quality due to the nature of the panel. Using a resolution other than the specified resolution may degrade the picture quality. To avoid this, it is 

recommended that you select the optimum resolution specified for your product.