2.3.2 Utilizing the Product as a USB HUB Lcd Samsung 23,5" UHD LED монитор серии 8 U24E850R

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Connecting and Using a Source Device


2 Connecting and Using a Source Device


To detect and start a USB device faster, connect the device to the USB 3.0 port on the product.

The read/write rate will be affected by the USB device and your PC. 

The product does not support media play. If you need to play a file in your USB device, please

connect the product as a Hub to your PC and play the file on your PC. 

For USB-related problems caused by OS, drive programs or software, please contact relevant


With the launch of various USB devices on the market, we cannot guarantee that our products are

compatible with all USB devices. 

For an external mass-storage HDD requiring external power supply, be sure to connect it to a

power source.

The high-speed charging can only be provided through ports [

] and [

]. According to 

the USB 3.0 battery charging specification, USB1 and USB2 can support a maximum current of 

1.5A. The actual current value depends on the device to be charged. 

If the current is too high or an exception occurs, the over-current protection will be triggered. This 

is a normal setting of the product.

USB devices requiring high current may not be supported. [

] and [

] can support a 

maximum current of 1.5A, and [

] and [

] can support a maximum current of 1.0A.

The battery can be charged in the power-saving mode, but it cannot be charged when the product

is powered off.

Charging your USB device is not possible if the power cable is disconnected from the power 


The USB device needs to be purchased separately.