2.3.2 Utilizing the Product as a USB HUB Lcd Samsung 23,5" UHD LED монитор серии 8 U24E850R

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Connecting and Using a Source Device


2 Connecting and Using a Source Device


Connecting the Product to a PC as a USB HUB


Connecting a PC to the Product


The product can function as a HUB by connecting to a PC via a USB cable. You can connect a source 

device directly to the product and control the device from the product, without having to connect the 

device to the PC.


To use the product as a USB hub, connect the product to a PC using a USB cable.

Connect the USB cable to [

] on the back of the product and USB [

] on the PC.


A USB 2.0 cable can be used to connect the product to a PC. However, to take full advantage of the 

USB 3.0 function, connect a USB 3.0 cable between the PC and the product. Ensure the PC supports 

USB 3.0.



Utilizing the Product as a USB HUB

Using the product as a hub, connect and use various source devices with the product at the same time.

A PC cannot connect to multiple source devices at the same time as it has a limited number of 

input/output ports available. The HUB feature on the product will improve your work efficiency by 

allowing you to connect multiple source devices to the USB ports on the product at the same time 

without connecting them to a PC.

If multiple source devices are connected to the PC, the many cables around the PC may look messy. 

Connecting the devices directly to the product will resolve such inconvenience.

Connect a mobile device such as an MP3 player or smartphone to the product when connected to a PC. 

This allows you to control the device from the PC or charge the device battery.