Installing the Software Lcd Samsung 23,5" CURVED монитор серии 6 S24E650C

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Installing the Software

Chapter  08

Easy Setting Box

Easy Setting Box

Easy Setting Box enables users to use the monitor by partitioning multiple sections.

Installing the Software

To install the latest version of Easy Setting Box, download it from the Samsung Electronics website 


Select the Easy Setting Box setup programme.

When the Installation Wizard appears, click Next.

Follow the instructions given on the screen to proceed with installation.


― The software may not work properly if you do not restart the computer after the installation.


― The Easy Setting Box icon may not appear depending on the computer system and the product 



― If the shortcut icon does not appear, press the F5 key.

Restrictions and Problems with the Installation (Easy Setting Box)

The Easy Setting Box installation may be affected by the Graphics Card, Motherboard and the 
Networking Environment.

System Requirements



Windows Vista 32Bit/64Bit


Windows 7 32Bit/64Bit


Windows 8 32Bit/64Bit


Windows 8.1 32Bit/64Bit



At least 32MB of memory


At least 60MB of free space on the hard disk drive

Removing the Software

Click Start, select Settings/Control Panel, and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.
Select Easy Setting Box from the programme list and click the Add/Delete button.