Connecting to Headphones Lcd Samsung 23,5" CURVED монитор серии 6 S24E650C

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Connecting to Headphones


― Do not connect the power cable before connecting all other cables.

Ensure you connect a source device first before connecting the power cable.

Connect an audio output device such as headphones to 

 port on the product.


― The sound could only be heard when using the HDMI to HDMI cable or DP cable.


― If the stereo cable is connected, the 


 can be adjusted using the 

 buttons on the front of 

the product.


― Provided ports may vary depending on the product.

Connecting the Power


― Connecting parts may differ in different products.

The exterior may differ depending on the product.

To use the product, connect the power cable to a power outlet and the POWER IN port on the product.



― The input voltage is switched automatically.