Adjusting the Product Tilt and Height Lcd Samsung 23,5" CURVED монитор серии 6 S24E650C

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Adjusting the Product Tilt and Height


― The colour and shape of parts may differ from what is shown. Specifications are subject to change 

without notice to improve quality.

-30° (0, -2°) - 30° (+2°, 0)

-1.5° (-1.5°, +1.5°) - 91.5° (-1.5°, +1.5°)

-5° (±2.0°) - 22° (±2.0°)

130 mm ±2.0 mm


The monitor tilt and height can be adjusted.


When adjusting the tilt and height, hold both sides of the product and avoid using excessive force 
to prevent damage.


The rotation and height adjustment has a certain tolerance. Stay within the tolerances when 
rotating or adjusting the height of the product.

Rotating the Monitor Screen

You can rotate your monitor as shown below.








― Adjust the screen following the arrow direction.


― Rotate the screen in clockwise direction till it becomes completely vertical to the desktop.


― Rotating the screen counterclockwise can damage the product. Rotating the screen when the 

product is upright or when the height is not at the maximum can also damage the product.