Installation Lcd Samsung 23,5" CURVED монитор серии 6 S24E650C

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Attaching the Stand


― The colour and shape of parts may differ from what is shown. Specifications are subject to change without notice to improve quality.


― Before assembling the product, place the product down on a flat and stable surface so that the screen is facing downwards.

Warning: The product is curved. Placing pressure on the product when on a flat surface may damage the product. When the product is on the ground facing up or down, do not put pressure on it.


Place the protective Styrofoam (cushion) included in 
the package on the floor and place the product facing 
down on the Styrofoam, as shown in the image.
If Styrofoam is unavailable, use a thick sitting mat.


Insert the tabs of the stand into the slots on the back 
of the product in the direction of the arrows.


Fasten the screws to tightly fix the stand.


After attaching the stand, place the product in an 
upright position.