Appendix Lcd Samsung 23,5" CURVED LED монитор серии 3 C24F390FHI

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Chapter  10

Responsibility for the Pay Service  

(Cost to Customers)


― When the service is requested, in spite of in warranty, we may charge you for a visit from a service technician 

in the following cases.

Not a product defect

Cleaning of the product, Adjustment, Explanation, Re-installation and etc.


• If a service technician gives instructions on how to use product or simply adjusts options without 

disassembling product.


• If a defect is caused by external environmental factors (Internet, Antenna, Wired Signal, etc.)


• If a product is reinstalled or devices are connected additionally after installing the purchased 

product for the first time.


• If a product is reinstalled to move to a different spot or to move to a different house.


• If customer requests instructions on how to use because of another company's product.


• If customer requests instructions on how to use the network or another company's Program.


• If customer requests software installation and setup for the product.


• If a service technician removes/cleans dusts or foreign materials inside of the product.


• If customer requests an installation additionally after purchasing a product through home-shopping 

or online.

A Product damage caused by customer's fault

Product damage caused by customer's mishandling or wrong repair
If a product damage is caused by;


• External impact or drop.


• Use of supplies or separatly sold product unspecified by Samsung.


• Repair from a person besides an engineer of outsourcing service company or partner of Samsung 

Electronics Co., Ltd.


• Remodeling or repairing the product by customer.


• Using it with incorrect voltage or non-authorised electrical connections.


• Not following the "cautions" in User Manual.



• If product fails by natural disaster. (lightning, fire, earthquake, flood damage, etc)


• If consumable components are all used up. (Battery, Toner, Fluorescent lights, Head, Vibrator, Lamp, 

Filter, Ribbon, etc.)


― If customer requests a service in case the product has no defect, service fee may be charged. So please read 

User Manual first.

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