Temperature and Humidity Ranges Floor standing Samsung APH289SEF/XFO

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Temperature and Humidity Ranges

The following table indicates the temperature and humidity ranges within which the air conditioner can be used.

If the air conditioner is used at...


High temperatures

The automatic protection feature may be triggered and the air conditioner stopped.


Indoor Temperature

Outdoor Temperature

Indoor Humidity


27°C or less

0°C to 24°C approx.



18°C to 32°C approx.

21°C to 43°C approx.

80% or less


18°C to 32°C approx.

18°C to 43°C approx.



If the outdoor temperature is as low as 0°C, the heating capacity drops up to 70~80% depending on 
the operating condition.
If the cooling operation is used at over 33°C(indoor temperature), it does not cool at its full capacity.

Low temperatures

A water leak or some other malfunction may occur if the heat exchanger freezes.

High humidity levels

Water may condense on and drip from the surface of the indoor unit if it is used for long periods.