Setting the On Timer Floor standing Samsung APH289SEF/XFO

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Setting the On Timer

The On Timer enables you to switch on the air conditioner automatically
after a given period of time. You can set the period of time from 
30 minutes to 24 hours. You can select the On Timer only when the air
conditioner is off.

To set the operating time, press the

button one or more times until

the required time is displayed. Possible time is between 30 minutes and

24 hours inclusive.


Press the         (Set/Cancel) button to complete the setting.


The remaining time is displayed.

Blinking of the timer indicator stops.

The selected mode and the temperature on the display 
disappear after 10 seconds.

The air conditioner will switch on automatically when the
counter displayed on the remote control reaches the set time
and disappears the On timer setting.


Press the         (Set/Cancel) button.

To Cancel the On Timer



To select an operating mode in advance, press the         button until the
desired mode is displayed at the top of the remote control.


The air conditioner will run in the selected mode when it is
turned on.