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This function helps stabilize images 
captured during movie recording. You can 
select this menu only in the Movie clip 
mode. If the memory card is not inserted, 
this function will not operate.


Back Move

[Off] ( 

)  : Movie clip frame stabilizer function is disabled.

[On] (   )  :  Minimises camera shake during movie recording.

Ä The recording frame range becomes narrow when you select this 


Movie clip frame stabiliser

Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) 
This function helps minimize camera shake 
when capturing a still image.


Back Move

[Off] ( 

) :  Disables the DIS function when capturing a still image.

[On] ( 

 ) :  Enables the DIS function when capturing a still image.


Functions ( 


 Things to watch out for using the DIS function
 1.  The digital zoom will not operate in the DIS function.
 2.  If the lighting condition is brighter than fl uorescent lighting condi-

tions, the DIS will not activate.

 3.  If the lighting condition is darker than in fl uorescent lighting con-

ditions, camera shake warning indicator ( 

à) will display. For 

best results only take pictures in situations where the camera 
shake warning indicator ( 

à) is not displayed.

 4.  If the subject is moving, the captured image may be blurred.
 5.  As the DIS uses the camera's digital signal processor, it may 

take a little longer for the camera to process and save the