Basic connector instructions Ластик х серия настольный компьютер (леново) Lenovo Erazer X700 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 90A2

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  Note: If your model has two VGA monitor connectors, be sure to use the 

connector on the graphics adapter.

Basic connector instructions

  Note: Your computer may not have all of the connectors described in this 





Use this connector to attach a microphone to your 
computer when you want to record sound or if you use 
speech-recognition software.


Use this connector to attach headphones to your 
computer when you want to listen to music or other 
sounds without disturbing anyone.

Audio line-in connector Used to receive audio signals from an external audio 

device, such as a stereo system. When you attach an 
external audio device, a cable is connected between 
the audio line-out connector of the device and the audio 
line-in connector of the computer.

Audio line-out connector Used to send audio signals from the computer to 

external devices, such as powered stereo speakers 
(speakers with built-in amplifiers), headphones, 
multimedia keyboards, or the audio line-in connector on 
a stereo system or other external recording device.

Memory card reader

Use to view and share digital photos, music, and videos, 
stored on a media card.

Power connector

Connect to the power cable. The appearance of this 
connector may vary.

USB connector

Use this connector to attach a device that requires a 
USB connection.

Ethernet connector

Use this connector to attach the computer to an 
Ethernet-type local area network.

VGA connector 

Used to attach a VGA monitor or other devices that use 
a VGA monitor connector.