Enabling ErP compliance mode Ластик х серия настольный компьютер (леново) Lenovo Erazer X700 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 90A2

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User Guide

Enabling ErP compliance mode

You can enable the energy-related products directive (ErP) compliance mode 
through the Power menu in the Setup Utility program. This mode reduces 
electricity consumption when your computer is in standby mode or turned off.
To enable ErP compliance mode in the Setup Utility program, do the following:
1.  Repeatedly press and release the F1 key when turning on the computer to start 

the Setup Utility program.

2.  From the Setup Utility program main menu, select Power 

→ ErP and press 


3.  Select Enabled and press Enter.
4.  Press F10 to save changes and exit the Setup Utility program. Press Enter 

when prompted to confirm.

  Note: When ErP compliance mode is enabled, you only can wake up your

computer by pressing the power switch.