Energy Star Statement Ластик х серия настольный компьютер (леново) Lenovo Erazer X700 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 90A2

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Energy Star Statement

ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
and the U.S. Department of Energy aimed at saving money and protecting the 
environment through energy efficient products and practices.
Lenovo is proud to offer our customers products with an ENERGY STAR compliant 
designation. The following machine types have been designed and tested to 
conform to the ENERGY STAR program requirement for computers at the time 
of manufacture. For more information about ENERGY STAR ratings for Lenovo 
computers, go to
•  10122/90A2
By using ENERGY STAR compliant products and taking advantage of the power-
management features of your computer, you reduce the consumption of electricity. 
Reduced electrical consumption contributes to potential financial sayings, a cleaner 
environment, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
For more information about ENERGY STAR, go to:
Lenovo encourages you to make efficient use of energy an integral part of your 
day-to-day operations. To help in this endeavor, Lenovo has preset the following 
power-management features to take effect when your computer has been inactive 
for a specified duration:
ENERGY STAR power-management features, by operating system.

Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Power plan: Balanced
•  Turn off the display: After 10 minutes
•  Put the computer to sleep: After 25 minutes
•  Advanced power settings:

-  Turn off hard disk drives: After 20 minutes
-  Hibernate: Never

To awaken your computer from a Sleep or System Standby mode, press any 
key on your keyboard. For more information about these settings, refer to your 
Windows Help and Support information system.