Hot-swappable hard disk frame (selected models only) Ластик х серия настольный компьютер (леново) Lenovo Erazer X700 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 90A2

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User Guide

Installing 2.5" hard disk drive (solid state drive) (purchased separately)

You can plug in the hot-swappable hard disk while the computer system using it is 
working, without damaging the hard disk data. You can back up the data on this 
hot-swappable hard disk at any time for data maintenance or data transmission.


•  Do not unplug the hard disk while it is copying data, as this may result

in loss of data.

•  After connecting the hard disk and all the cables, wait a moment to

allow the system to recognize the hard disk.

•  Do not install the operating system on the hot-swappable hard disk.
•  Do not unplug the hard disk while it is running a program, as this may

result in the system crashing.

•  After removing the hard disk, be careful not to damage it.
•  In the Rescue System program, the hot-swappable hard disk can not

be recognized.