Troubleshooting Принтер hp photosmart HP МФП серии HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One - C309

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Network Troubleshooting

Use this section to solve problems you might encounter when setting up a network connection.

The product cannot be found during software installation

If the HP software is unable to find your product on the network during software installation, try the following 

troubleshooting steps. Steps 1 and 2 are for wireless connections only and Steps 3 and 4 are applicable for 

both wireless connections and Ethernet connections. If you have a wireless connection, start with Step 1 and 

proceed through step 4 as necessary. If you have an Ethernet connection, start at Step 3. 

Step 1: Determine if the product is connected to the network by running the Wireless Network Test and 

following any instructions provided. 
To run the Wireless Network Test 

On the Home screen, touch the right arrow to view more options.

Touch Setup. 

Touch Network. 

Touch Wireless Network Test.





Wireless connections

Here is how to resolve some common issues that can keep the product from joining your network:

You may have picked the wrong network or typed in your network name (SSID) incorrectly. Check these 

settings to ensure they are correct. 

You may have typed in your WEP key or your WPA encryption key incorrectly (if you are using 


Note: If the network name or the WEP/WPA keys are not found automatically during installation, and if 

you don’t know them, you can download an application from that may 

help you locate them. This application works for only Windows Internet Explorer and is only available in 


You may have a router problem. Try restarting both the product and the router by turning the power for 

each of them off, and then on again.

Step 2: If you determine in step 1 that your product is not connected to the network and you have already 

run the Wireless Setup Wizard from the product display or the HP Photosmart is connected to the network 

but cannot be found by the HP software, you will need to follow the onscreen instructions during software 

installation to help connect the product to the network and diagnose any possible problems with your network 

To connect the product to a network 

Insert the product Software CD in the computer CD-ROM drive. 

Follow the instructions on the screen. When you are prompted, connect the product to the computer 

using the USB setup cable included in the box. The product will attempt to connect to the network. If the 

connection fails, follow the prompts to correct the problem, and then try again. 

When the setup is finished, you will be prompted to disconnect the USB cable and test the wireless 

network connection. Once the product connects successfully to the network, install the software on each 

computer that will use the product over the network.