Get the most out of your HP Photosmart Принтер hp photosmart HP МФП серии HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One - C309

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Get the most out of your HP Photosmart

Print your photos without connecting to 

a computer— just insert your memory 

card or USB drive into a slot on the HP 

Photosmart and start printing.

Print photos from your Bluetooth devices 

such as PDAs, camera phones, and 

computers using the built-in Bluetooth 


Connect the HP Photosmart to as many 

as five computers over a wired or 

wireless network.

Print a variety of projects such as 

games, checklists, music paper, albums, 

and panorama photos.

Scan originals to a memory card or a 

connected computer.

Use the Edit features of the HP 

Photosmart to make subtle adjustments, 

give your photos an antique look, or 

add fun frames.

Use the HP Photosmart to print, save, 

and share photos using Snapfish.

Make color or black-and-white copies.

Go green by using the duplexer to 

print two-sided documents with multiple 

pages on same sheet to reduce paper 


Fun and easy wireless photo printing

Connect to additional computers on a network

You can connect the HP Photosmart to more than one computer on a small network of computers.  

If the HP Photosmart is already connected to a computer on a network, for each additional computer you must 

install the HP Photosmart Software. During software installation, the software will automatically discover the 

HP Photosmart on the network. Once you have set up the HP Photosmart on the network you will not need to 

configure it again when you add additional computers.

Note: You can connect the HP Photosmart to either a wireless or wired network, but not both at the same time.

HP iPrint Photo is a free downloadable software application that allows you to quickly and easily print  

4 x 6 inch photos. Images stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch can print on most HP networked ink jet 

printers connected to a local WiFi network. Wireless printing is a fun extension of the iPhone/iPod Touch’s 

easy photo capture and viewing experience. 
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