Wall Mounting (Optional) Monitor Lenovo ThinkVision P27q-10 - Type 61A8

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Caring for your monitor 

Be sure to turn off the power before you perform any maintenance on the monitor. 
Do not: 
• Apply water or liquid directly to your monitor.
• Use solvents or abrasives.
• Use flammable cleaning materials to clean your monitor or any other electrical


• Touch the screen area of your monitor with sharp or abrasive items. This type of

contact may cause permanent damage to your screen.

• Use any cleaner which contains an anti-static solution or similar additives. This

may harm the coating of the screen area.

• Lightly dampen a soft cloth with water and use this to gently wipe the covers and

the screen.

• Remove grease or finger marks with a damp cloth and a little mild detergent.

Detaching the monitor base and stand 

Step 1: Place the monitor on a soft and flat surface. 
Step 2: Remove the base and stand from the monitor. 

Wall Mounting (Optional) 

Refer to the instructions that come with the base mounting kit. To convert your LCD 

display from a desk-mounted to a wall-mounted display, do the following:  
Step 1: Verify that the Power button is turned Off, then disconnect the power cord.  
Step 2: Lay the LCD display face down on a towel or blanket. 
Step 3: Remove the base from the monitor, refer to "Detaching the monitor base and 


Chapter 2.