Hardware Replacement Guide Erazer x series desktop (lenovo) Lenovo Erazer X510 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 10140

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Handling static-sensitive devices

Static electricity, although harmless to you, can seriously damage computer 
When replacing a part, do not open the anti-static packaging containing the new 
part until the defective part has been removed from the computer and you are 
ready to install the new part.
When handling parts and other computer components, the following precautions 
should be taken in order to avoid static electricity damage:
•  Limit your movements, as movement can cause the build-up of static electricity.
•  Always handle parts and other computer components with care, and handle

adapters, memory modules, system boards, and microprocessors by their 
edges. Never touch any exposed circuitry.

•  Prevent others from touching parts and other computer components.
•  Before replacing a new part, first place the anti-static packaging containing the

part against a metal expansion slot cover or other unpainted metal surface on 
the computer for at least two seconds. This will reduce static electricity in the 
package and your body.

•  When possible, remove the new part from its anti-static packaging and install it

directly into the computer without setting the part down. If this is not possible, 
place the part on top of its anti-static packaging on a smooth, flat surface 
before installing it.

•  Do not place parts on the computer cover or other metal surface.