Overclocking Erazer x series desktop (lenovo) Lenovo Erazer X510 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 10140

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Your computer comes with an application that allows you to overclock the 
This is useful if you want higher performance for certain applications, such as video 
editing or games.

You can enable/disable overclocking as follows:
•  Press the Overclock (OC) switch on the front cover of the computer.

Lenovo has created three OC modes to satisfy different requirements. When the 
Overclock switch is pressed, you can change the OC Mode in the Lenovo OneKey 
Overclocking program.

  Attention: Back up your data on external storage media after each 

update or change. We do not accept liability for compensation claims 
arising from loss of data or any consequential loss or damage.

Switching overclocking mode using buttons in Lenovo OneKey 

1.  Lenovo OneKey Overclocking is preinstalled on your computer and will launch 

automatically when you turn it on. (Lenovo OneKey Overclocking will enable 
Basic mode by default.)

2.  Double click the OneKey Overclocking icon on the desktop or in the system 

tray to open the Lenovo OneKey Overclocking interface.

(The CPU data in this graphic is an example only. What you see will depend on 
your processor performance and the mode selected.)