Wired keyboard (selected models only) B series aio (ideacentre) Lenovo B350 All-in-One (ideacentre) - Type 10133

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User Guide

Wired keyboard (selected models only)


—— After entering Windows, press this key to launch the LVT (Lenovo 

Vantage Technology) program, Lenovo’s pre-loaded Home PC software. 
In addition to its own functions, the LVT program will allow you to start 
other Windows compatible software specially configured to run on this 
model of computer.


•  Some models are not equipped with the LVT program.
•  The LVT key on the keyboard is disabled in the models

without the LVT program.


—— Your computer has the Lenovo Rescue System installed. To learn more 

about this program, repeatedly press and release the F2 key once 
turning on the computer until the Lenovo Rescue System open.