Replacing hardware B series aio (ideacentre) Lenovo B350 All-in-One (ideacentre) - Type 10133

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User Guide

10. Install the new optical drive as follows:

(1)  Align the new optical drive with the cover, and then push the cover back 

into position.

(2)  Screw the metal bracket back onto the new optical drive.
(3)  Slide the new optical drive into the drive bay.

11. Screw the new optical drive back onto the chassis.
12. Slide the computer cover back into position.

Replacing the hard disk drive

  Attention: Turn off the computer and wait 3 to 5 minutes to let it cool 

down before replacing the hard disk drive.

To replace the hard disk drive:

  Note: It may be helpful to place the computer face-down on a soft flat 

surface for this procedure. Lenovo recommends that you use a blanket,
towel, or other soft cloth to protect the screen from scratching or other 

1.  Remove the computer cover. Refer to “Removing the computer cover”.