Overview B series aio (ideacentre) Lenovo B350 All-in-One (ideacentre) - Type 10133

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User Guide


This guide is intended to be used by customers who are replacing Customer 
Replaceable Units (CRUs) as well as trained service personnel who are replacing 
Field Replaceable Units (FRUs). In this guide, CRUs and FRUs will often be referred 
to as parts.

  Note: Trained service personnel should refer to the Hardware Maintenance 

Manual (HMM) for parts ordering information.

This guide does not include procedures for all parts. It is expected that cables, 
switches, and certain mechanical parts can be replaced by trained service 
personnel without the need for step-by-step procedures.

  Note: Use only parts provided by Lenovo®.

The description of the TV-Tuner card in this manual applies only to those computer 
models that have the TV-Tuner card installed. It does not apply to those computer 
models that do not have the TV-Tuner card installed.

This guide contains procedures for replacing the following parts:
•  Memory modules
•  Hard disk drive
•  Optical drive
•  Keyboard, mouse (wired)
•  Power cord

Safety information for replacing CRUs

Do not open your computer or attempt any repairs before reading the “Important 
safety information” in the Safety and Warranty Guide that was included with your 
computer. If you no longer have this copy of the Safety and Warranty Guide, you 
can obtain one online from the Support Web site at http://support.lenovo.com.