Troubleshooting Software Problems A series aio (ideacentre) Lenovo A530 All-in-One (ideacentre) - Type F0A8

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User Guide

Problem: No sound from headphones.

Troubleshooting and problem resolution:
•  Check the headphone cable connection — ensure that the headphone cable is

securely inserted into the headphone connector.

•  Adjust the Windows volume control — select the speaker icon from the

Settings Charm or click the arrow on taskbar to show the hidden icons in 
Windows desktop mode, then click the speaker icon. Ensure that the volume is 
turned up and the sound is not muted.

Troubleshooting Software Problems

Problem: You are unable to exit a running program normally.

Troubleshooting and problem resolution:
1.  Open the Task Manager window by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete at the same 


2.  Select the problem program, then click the End Task button.

Problem: You need to install or uninstall a program.

Problem resolution:
During installation never abort the install process by powering the system off or 
through other drastic means. This can cause system program problems or even 
failure during system initialization.
During the uninstall process, never directly delete the files or folders. This is 
harmful to the operating system, and might cause a system-wide malfunction.
Use the following procedure to properly uninstall programs:
1.  Back up all documents and system settings related to the program before 

removing it.

2.  If the program has its own uninstaller, run it directly to uninstall the program.
3.  If the program does not have its own uninstaller, then select Apps 

→ Control 

Panel from the Search charm.

4.  From the Control Panel, choose Programs 

→ Programs and Features.

5.  Find the applicable program from the Programs and Features dialog box and 

then select Uninstall/Change.

6.  Perform the instructions displayed to uninstall the software.