User Gesture Instructions for the Touch screen A series aio (ideacentre) Lenovo A530 All-in-One (ideacentre) - Type F0A8

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User Guide

The monitor is touch-sensitive thanks to its touch-sensitive screen. A touch screen 
is an input device just like a mouse or a keyboard, and the user’s fingers transmit 
position information via the touch screen to the computer. With this technology, 
you only need to touch the pictures or words on the computer display lightly with 
your finger, and the computer will react.

Touch Screen Calibration

Prior to first use or whenever the touch screen reacts in a different place where you 
are touching it, start the calibration program. The procedure is as follows:
1.  In Control Panel, select “Hardware and Sound”.
2.  In “Hardware and Sound” window, select “Tablet PC Settings”.
3.  In “Tablet PC Settings” dialogue, click “Calibrate” button.

User Gesture Instructions for the Touch 

The Touch screen supports single touch and rotational movements, enlargement 
and reduction multi-touch operations, and the user can transmit position 
information to the computer via touch. The touch screen uses a very low pressure 
movement recognition method, which only needs the finger to move lightly on the 
computer display screen or make a simple hand gesture to be detected by the 
main computer processor.