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Linux Operating System

Local Printing
You can configure the thin client for local printing from some local applications, such as an Internet 

browser, or for plain ASCII text printing. The printer must be recognized by the Linux operating system 

and properly configured. 
Terminal Services Printing Support
If the local client supports and detects the printer, full function printing using port redirection through Citrix 

ICA is supported for parallel and USB printers if the appropriate printer driver is loaded on the terminal 

server. Please check printer documentation to ensure that Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server is 

supported by your printer.
Local printing from rdesktop is not supported, as the current version of rdesktop does not provide for 

printer port redirection from the server to the client.
While running an ICA or rdesktop session, you cannot print from a local application. The terminal server 

session has control of the printer port and will not release to the local application. The user must 

disconnect from the terminal server session to release the printer port back to the local client.
For more information, see the HP Thin Client Linux FAQ at