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Thin clients are primarily designed:

For use with terminal sessions using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

For use with terminal sessions using rdesktop.

For use with terminal sessions using Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA).

And/or as green screen terminal replacements.

Due to this design goal, HP thin clients provide limited local printing support for the wide range of printers 

available today.
HP Compaq thin clients do not support document scanning devices, whether standalone or integrated 

into Multifunction or All-in-One Printers. This is not a limitation of the HP Compaq thin client, but a by-

design function of the small-footprint software image installed on the thin client, which includes a 

minimum of operating system components. Thin clients are designed for session-oriented computing, not 

for the heavy local use that scanning requires. Typically, thin clients are connected to server sessions 

which access networked printers.
Local Printing (Client Printers): Client printers are available to a thin client before a terminal server 

session is launched. This includes printers that are physically attached to a thin client or printers that are 

logically mapped through the network.
Terminal Services Printing Support (Server Printers): Server printers are in terminal server 

environments in which the terminal server has direct access to the print queue. This includes standard 

network printers that are accessible using a \\servername\printername share. Server printers 

may also include printers where the print queue is located locally on the terminal server, and printers that 

are directly connected to the terminal server.

Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Operating System

Local Printing
HP Compaq thin clients with the Windows XP Embedded operating system include a generic printer 

driver for printing from the browser or other local applications. This driver maps to various printers for text-

based generation. Customers wanting graphics-based printing should install the third-party driver 

accompanying the printer; however, the following options are not supported:

Printer management utilities

Multifunction utilities for copying and scanning

Twain driver
A scanner support add-on is available from HP that provides the operating system dependencies and 

Twain driver needed for scanning. After installing this add-on package, you must separately install 

scanner specific drivers and utilities from the 3rd party scanner vendor.
Please contact Citrix for TWAIN Redirection support or your scanner vendor for additional information.