Connect the USB cable Photosmart printer HP Серия мультифункциональных принтеров HP Photosmart C5100

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8 • HP All-in-One 



 Connect the USB cable 

 Windows Users: 

 Mac Users: 

  a   Follow the onscreen instructions until you see 

the prompt to connect the USB cable. (This 
may take several minutes.)

    Once the prompt appears, connect the 

USB cable to the port on the back of the 
HP All-in-One, and then to  any USB port  on 
your computer. 

  a   Connect the USB cable from your computer to 

the USB port on the back of the device. 

  b   Double-click the  HP All-in-One Installer  icon. 
  c   Make sure you complete all screens, including 

the Setup Assistant. 

 Go to step 16 at the back of this setup guide 

  b   Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the 

software installation.