Choose ONE connection type (A or B) Photosmart printer HP Серия мультифункциональных принтеров HP Photosmart C5100

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6 • HP All-in-One 


 Choose ONE connection type (A or B) 

 Use this connection type if you want to connect the device 
directly to one computer.  (Do not connect the USB cable until 
step A2.)
  Equipment needed: USB cable. 
   For a USB connection, go to Section A (page 7) for 

 Use this connection type if you want an Ethernet cable 
connection between the device and your network. 
  Equipment needed: hub/router/switch and Ethernet cable. 
   For an Ethernet cable connection, go to Section B (page 9) 
for instructions.

 B: Ethernet (Wired) Network 

 A: USB Connection - Do not connect yet