Close the access door and follow the prompts Photosmart printer HP Серия мультифункциональных принтеров HP Photosmart C5100

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 Close the access door and follow the prompts 

  a   After you close the access door, a prompt appears

to load plain white paper. Make sure paper is 
loaded, and then press  OK  to start the process.

  The device initializes the ink cartridges and aligns 

the printer. This takes approximately 5 minutes. 

 Turn on your computer 

  a   Turn on your computer, login if necessary, and the

wait for the desktop to appear.

   b   Close any open programs. 

  b   After the alignment page is printed, alignment is 

complete. Check the display for status, then press 
 OK . Recycle or discard the alignment page. 



 Do not disconnect or turn off the 

HP All-in-One during this time. You may hear the 
device making noises.