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Basics Guide

HP Photosmart C5100 All-in-One series

 Install software on additional computers 

 If you have additional computers on your network, install the 
HP All-in-One software on each computer. Choose the correct 
HP All-in-One CD for each installation.

Follow the onscreen instructions. Make sure that you choose the 
connection types between the network and your HP All-in-One (not
between your computer and the network). 

 Go to step 16 at the back of this setup guide 


  Problem:  The Microsoft  Add Hardware  screen appears.
 Action:  Click  Cancel . Unplug the USB cable, and then insert the HP All-in-One 
 Windows  CD. Refer to Section A. 

  Problem:  The  Printer Not Found  message appears. 
   Action:  First make sure that you have an active connection with the device. Check 
your color graphics display for an icon. If you do not see an icon, go back to your 
connection type Section (B or C).
If you have an active connection, try the following:
•  Turn your device off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.
•  Try temporarily disconnecting your fi rewall.
 Wired (Ethernet) network users: 
•  Check the cable between the router and the device.
•  Check the cable between your computer and the device.
•  Make sure your LAN card is set up properly. 

 See the User Guide for more troubleshooting and additional set up information.