Go to step at the back of this setup guide Photosmart printer HP Серия мультифункциональных принтеров HP Photosmart C5100

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10 • HP All-in-One 



 Go to step 16 at the back of this setup guide 

  a   Insert the HP All-in-One  Mac  CD.
   b   Double-click the  HP All-in-One installer  icon. 

 Choose the correct CD 

 Windows Users: 

 Mac Users: 

  d  You must  

unlock  or  accept  all fi rewall messages 

by clicking  Next  on any screen that refers to a 
fi rewall. Follow all onscreen instructions. To install 
software on additional computers, go to step 14. 

  c   Make sure you complete all screens, including 

the Setup Assistant. To install software on 
additional computers, go to step 14. 

  Note:  If the startup screen 
does not appear, double-
click  My Computer , double-
click the  CD-ROM  icon 
with the HP logo, and then 
double-click  setup.exe 

  a   Insert the HP All-in-One  Windows  CD.
   b   Follow the onscreen instructions.
   c   On the  Connection Type  screen, make sure to 

select  through the network . Follow the onscreen 

  Questions:  Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, or fi rewall 
programs can block software installation.
For details, go to  www.hp.com/support , enter 
 Photosmart C5100 , and then search for  Firewalls