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 Ethernet cable*
*Purchased separately 

 USB cable*
*Purchased separately 

Basics Guide

HP Photosmart C5100 All-in-One series



 Start Here 


USB cable users: Do not connect the USB cable 
until step A2.


 Remove all tape and lift display 

 Locate components 

 Use this guide to set up the hardware and connect the HP All-in-One to either your computer or a working 
network. If you have problems during setup, see  Troubleshooting  later in the guide. 

 HP Photosmart C5100 All-in-One series Setup Guide 

  a   Remove all tape and protective fi lm from 

the lid and from the front and back of the 

   b   Lift the color graphics display and remove 

the protective fi lm. You can adjust the 
height of the display to a position suitable 
for viewing. 

 The contents of your box may differ
Additional network equipment 
specifi ed later in the guide. 

4 x 6 in 
(10 x 15 cm) photo paper

Mac CD

Windows CD

Basics Guide


control panel faceplate 
(may be pre-attached)

ink cartridges

power cord

Documentation CD

This CD may be 
included for some 
languages where help 
is not available through 
the software.