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4.  Test fax setup

The fax test does the following:

 • Tests the fax hardware
 • Verifies the correct type of phone cord is connected to the printer
 • Checks that the phone cord is plugged into the correct port
 • Checks for a dial tone
 • Checks for an active phone line
 • Tests the status of your phone line connection

To run the fax test:

a.  On the printer control panel display, touch Fax, touch and slide your finger across the screen, and then 

touch Setup.

b.  Touch Tools, and then touch Run Fax Test. If the test fails, review the report for information on how to fix 

the problem, make the suggested changes, and run the test again.

If you still have problems using fax after successfully completing the fax test, visit www.support.hp.com.

How do I set up HP printers in digital phone environments?
HP printers are designed specifically for use with traditional analog phone services. If you are in a digital 

phone environment (such as DSL/ADSL, PBX, ISDN, or VoIP), you might need to use digital-to-analog filters or 

converters when setting up the printer for faxing.
Note: The printer might not be compatible with all digital service lines or providers in all digital environments 

or with all digital-to-analog converters. Contact your phone company to determine which setup options are 

best for you.
Note: If you are setting up ring pattern detection in a PBX phone system that has different ring patterns for 

internal and external calls, make sure you dial the fax number of your printer using an external number when 

recording the ring pattern.