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Selecting print media

You can use many types of paper and other print media with this printer. This section provides guidelines
and specifications for selecting and using different print media. For more information about supported
print media, see 

Print media specifications


It is possible that media could meet all of the guidelines in this chapter and still not print satisfactorily.
This may be due to abnormal characteristics of the printing environment or to other variables over which
Hewlett-Packard has no control (for example, extremes in temperature and humidity).

Hewlett-Packard recommends testing any media before buying it in large quantities.


Using media that does not conform to the specifications listed here or in the paper

specification guide can cause problems that require service. This service is not covered by the
Hewlett-Packard warranty or service agreements.

Media to avoid

This printer can handle many types of media. Use of media outside the printer’s specifications will cause
a loss of print quality and increase the chance of paper jams.

Do not use paper that is too rough.

Do not use paper with cutouts or perforations other than standard 3-hole punched paper.

Do not use multipart forms.

Do not use paper that has already been printed on or that has been fed through a photocopier.

Do not use paper with a watermark if you are printing solid patterns.

Paper that can damage the printer

In rare circumstances, paper can damage the printer. Avoid the following paper to prevent possible
damage to the printer:

Do not use paper with staples attached.

Do not use transparencies designed for inkjet printers or other low-temperature printers, or
transparencies designed for monochrome printing. Use only transparencies that are specified for
use with HP Color LaserJet printers.

Do not use glossy or photo papers intended for inkjet printers.

Do not use paper that is embossed or coated and is not designed for the temperatures of the image
fuser. Select media that can tolerate temperatures of 190°C (374°F) for 0.1 second.

Do not use letterhead paper with low-temperature dyes or thermography. Preprinted forms or
letterhead must use inks that can tolerate temperatures of 190°C (374°F) for 0.1 second.

Do not use any media that produces undesirable emissions, or that melts, offsets, or discolors
when exposed to 190°C (374°F) for 0.1 second.

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