Recycled paper Laserjet printer HP Серия принтеров HP Color LaserJet CP4005

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Forms and letterhead should be sealed in a moisture-proof wrapping to prevent changes during

Before loading preprinted paper such as forms and letterhead, verify that the ink on the paper is
dry. During the fusing process, wet ink can come off of preprinted paper.

To load pre-printed forms and letterhead into Tray 1, load them face down with the top edge of the
page facing toward you.

To load pre-printed forms and letterhead into Tray 2 or optional Tray 3, load them face up with the
top edge of the page facing away from you.

When duplex printing, load pre-printed forms and letterhead into Tray 2 or optional 500-sheet Tray
3 face down with the top edge of the page towards you.

Recycled paper

This printer supports the use of recycled paper. Recycled paper must meet the same specifications as
standard paper. Hewlett-Packard recommends that recycled paper contain no more than 5% ground


Chapter 4   Printing tasks