General fax problems Laserjet printer HP Серия мультифункциональных принтеров HP LaserJet 9040 и 9050

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General fax problems

Use the table in this section to solve fax problems.




Fax failed to send.

JBIG is enabled and receiving fax does
not have JBIG capability.

Set JBIG off.

An "Out of Memory" status message
appears on the status message bar.

The MFP storage disk is full.

Delete some files from the disk, see the
MFP user guide for information about
managing the disk.

Print quality of a photo is poor or prints
as a gray box.

Wrong Page Content mode setting.

Try setting the Page Content mode to
Graphics or Text and Graphics, see

Send a fax - enter number(s) manually
on page 70

, or refer to Page Content

mode in the MFP user guide.

Pressed the Cancel button on the MFP
keyboard to cancel a fax transmission
and the fax was still sent.



 button only is functional on

some mfps (9040, 9050, 4345, 4730,
9500) if the fax job screen is being
displayed. Also, there can be a delay of
up to 30 seconds before the cancellation
takes place. On newer MFPs (M5035,
M3025 MFP, M3027 MFP, M4345 MFP,
M5025 MFP, M5035 MFP, M9040 MFP,
M9050 MFP and HP CM4730 MFP and
CM6040 MFP Series) cancellation takes
place after making a selection in the
cancellation menu (displayed after
pressing red 


 button) and

acknowledging with 



Cancel faxes using the fax menu, see

Canceling a fax on page 80


No Phone Book button appears.

The Phone Book feature has not been

Use the HP MFP Digital Sending
Software Configuration utility to enable
the phone book feature.

Not able to locate the Fax settings in
HP Web Jetadmin.

Fax settings in HP Web Jetadmin are
located under the device's status page
drop-down menu.

Select Digital Sending and Fax from the
drop-down menu. For more information,

HP Web Jetadmin on page 42


The header is being appended to the top
of the page when I have overlay enabled.

The fax will append the overlay header to
the top of a page when overlay is set,
when the fax has been forwarded.

This is normal operation.

Have a mix of names and numbers in the
recipients box.

This is normal for both names and
numbers to appear, depending on where
they are from, the phone book lists
names, and all other databases list

Normal, no action required.

My one page fax prints as two pages.

The fax header is being appended to the
top of the fax, pushing text to a second

If you want your one page fax to print on
one page, set the overlay header to
overlay mode.

Document stops feeding in the middle of

There might be a jam in the ADF.

If there is a jam, see the MFP user guide
for instructions on clearing jams.

The volume for sounds coming from the
fax accessory is too high or too low.

The volume setting needs to be adjusted. See 

Set the ringer volume on page 63


information about changing the sound
volume settings.


General fax problems 101