Fax feature is not operating Laserjet printer HP Серия мультифункциональных принтеров HP LaserJet 9040 и 9050

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Fax feature is not operating

Use the table in this section to identify and solve fax malfunctions.

The fax accessory is installed but the icon does not appear on the MFP main screen.



HP MFP Digital Sending Software Configuration utility has
disabled the analog-fax feature.

Use the HP MFP Digital Sending Software Configuration utility
to enable the analog-fax feature.

The accessory is not operating correctly.

Check the fax accessory status, see 

Checking fax accessory

status on page 99

. If the status is

NON-OPERATIONAL, new firmware might need to be

If the status is DAMAGED and you just installed the card, try
reseating the card and check for bent pins.

If the status is DAMAGED and the card is installed correctly,
the card might need to be replaced.

Faulty formatter board.

Contact your HP service representative for service, see

HP Customer Care on page 121


The MFP is not displaying the fax menus.



LAN fax is enabled.

This is normal operation. When the HP Digital Sending
Software enables LAN fax, the analog fax is disabled and the
fax menu, which is used for the analog fax only, does not open.

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