Fax error messages Laserjet printer HP МФП HP LaserJet Pro 400 M425

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Control panel message


Recommended action

Fax Send error.

An error occurred while trying to send a fax.

Try resending the fax.

Try faxing to another fax number.

Check for a dial tone on the phone line by

touching the 

Start Fax


Check that the telephone cord is securely

connected by unplugging and replugging the


Make sure that you are using the telephone

cord that came with the product.

Make sure that the phone is working by

disconnecting the product, plugging in a

telephone to the phone line, and making a

voice call.

Connect the product to a different phone line.

Set the fax resolution to 


 instead of

the default of 



If the error persists, contact HP. See


 or the

support flyer that came in the product box.

Fax storage is full.

Canceling the fax receive.

During the fax transmission, the product ran

out of memory. Only the pages that fit into

memory will be printed.

Print all of the faxes, and then have the sender

resend the fax. Have the sender divide the fax

job into multiple jobs before resending. Cancel

all fax jobs or clear the faxes from memory.

Fax storage is full.

Canceling the fax receive.

The amount of available memory for storing

faxes is insufficient to store an incoming fax.

If you are using the 

Private Receive


print all received faxes to regain some memory.

If you still need more memory, clear faxes from

memory. Open the 


 menu. In the 



 menu, select the 

Clear Saved Faxes


Fax storage is full.

Canceling the fax send.

During the fax job, the memory filled. All pages

of the fax have to be in memory for a fax job to

work correctly. Only the pages that fit into

memory were sent.

Cancel the current job. Turn the product off,

and then turn it on again. Try sending the job


If the error reoccurs, cancel the job and turn the

product off and then on a second time. The

product might not have enough memory for

some jobs.

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