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Data stored on the print cartridge

The HP print cartridges used with this product contain a memory chip that assists in the operation of the


In addition, this memory chip collects a limited set of information about the usage of the product, which

might include the following: the date when the print cartridge was first installed, the date when the print

cartridge was last used, the number of pages printed using the print cartridge, the page coverage, the

printing modes used, any printing errors that might have occurred, and the product model. This

information helps HP design future products to meet our customers' printing needs.

The data collected from the print cartridge memory chip does not contain information that can be used

to identify a customer or user of the print cartridge or their product. However, a customer can choose

not to store usage data on the memory chip through the control panel.

HP collects a sampling of the memory chips from print cartridges returned to HP's free return and

recycling program (HP Planet Partners:

). The memory chips from this sampling

are read and studied in order to improve future HP products. HP partners who assist in recycling this

print cartridge might have access to this data, as well.

Any third party possessing the print cartridge might have access to the anonymous information on the

memory chip.


Data stored on the print cartridge