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Close the access door, and check if the error message has gone away.


If you still receive the error message, turn the product off, and then on again.

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Learn how to find your network security settings. 

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Learn about the Network Diagnostic Utility and other troubleshooting tips. 

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Learn how to change from a USB to wireless connection. 

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Learn how to work with your firewall and antivirus programs during printer setup. 

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HP support

Register the product

Support process

HP support by phone

Additional warranty options

Register the product

By taking just a few quick minutes to register, you can enjoy quicker service, more efficient support, and product support alerts.
If you did not register your printer while installing the software, you can register now at


Support process

If you have a problem, follow these steps:


Check the documentation that came with the product.


Visit the HP online support Web site at

. HP online support is available to all HP customers. It is the

fastest source for up-to-date product information and expert assistance and includes the following features:

Fast access to qualified online support specialists

Software and driver updates for the product

Valuable product and troubleshooting information for common problems

Proactive product updates, support alerts, and HP newsgrams that are available when you register the product


Call HP support. Support options and availability vary by product, country/region, and language.

HP support by phone

Phone support options and availability vary by product, country/region, and language.

This section contains the following topics:

Phone support period

Placing a call

Support phone numbers

After the phone support period

Phone support period

One year of phone support is available in North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America (including Mexico). To determine
the duration of phone support in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, go to

. Standard phone company

charges apply.

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