Unable to print Printer deskjet HP Принтеры серии HP Deskjet 3050А 'e-все в одном' - J611

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Prepare the trays

Open output tray

Output tray must be open to begin printing.

Close cartridge door

Cartridge door must be closed to begin printing.

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Printer failure

Resolve printer failure.

If you have already turned the printer off and then on, and this does not solve your problem, contact HP support.


 Please contact HP support for help 


Ink cartridge problem

First try removing and reinserting the cartridges. If this does not work, clean the cartridge contacts. If your problem is still not

Replace the cartridges


Clean the ink cartridge contacts


The cleaning procedure should take only a few minutes. Make sure that the ink cartridges are reinstalled in

the product as soon as possible. It is not recommended to leave the ink cartridges outside of the product longer than 30
minutes. This could result in damage to both the printhead and the ink cartridges.


Check that power is on.


Open cartridge access door.

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