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Updating the BIOS

Updated versions of the BIOS may be available on the HP website.
Most BIOS updates on the HP website are packaged in compressed files called SoftPaqs.
Some download packages contain a file named Readme.txt, which contains information regarding installing 

and troubleshooting the file.

Determining the BIOS version

To decide whether you need to update Computer Setup (BIOS), first determine the BIOS version on your 

BIOS version information (also known as ROM date and System BIOS) can be accessed by pressing 





you are already in Windows) or by using Computer Setup.


Start Computer Setup. See 

Starting Computer Setup on page 52



Select Main, and then select System Information.


To exit Computer Setup without saving your changes, select the Exit icon in the lower-right corner of the 

screen, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
– or –
Select Main, select Ignore Changes and Exit, and then press 



To check for later BIOS versions, see 

Downloading a BIOS update on page 54


Downloading a BIOS update


To reduce the risk of damage to the computer or an unsuccessful installation, download and 

install a BIOS update only when the computer is connected to reliable external power using the AC adapter. Do 

not download or install a BIOS update while the computer is running on battery power, docked in an optional 

docking device, or connected to an optional power source. During the download and installation, follow these 

Do not disconnect power on the computer by unplugging the power cord from the AC outlet.
Do not shut down the computer or initiate Sleep.
Do not insert, remove, connect, or disconnect any device, cable, or cord.


Type support in the taskbar search box, and then select the HP Support Assistant app.

– or –
Select the question mark icon in the taskbar.


Select Updates, and then select Check for updates and messages.


Follow the on-screen instructions.


At the download area, follow these steps:

Identify the most recent BIOS update and compare it to the BIOS version currently installed on your 

computer. Make a note of the date, name, or other identifier. You may need this information to 

locate the update later, after it has been downloaded to your hard drive.


Follow the on-screen instructions to download your selection to the hard drive.
Make a note of the path to the location on your hard drive where the BIOS update is downloaded. 

You will need to access this path when you are ready to install the update.


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