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To prevent electric shock or damage to components, do not attempt to clean your computer 

while it is on.


Turn off the computer.


Disconnect AC power.


Disconnect all powered external devices.


To prevent damage to internal components, do not spray cleaning agents or liquids directly on 

any computer surface. Liquids dripped on the surface can permanently damage internal components.

Cleaning the display

Gently wipe the display using a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with an alcohol-free glass cleaner. Be sure that 

a display is dry before you close the computer.

Cleaning the sides or cover

To clean the sides or cover, use a soft microfiber cloth or chamois moistened with one of the cleaning 

solutions listed previously, or use an acceptable disposable wipe.


When cleaning the cover of the computer, use a circular motion to aid in removing dirt and debris.

Cleaning the TouchPad, keyboard, or mouse (select products only)


To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to internal components, do not use a vacuum 

cleaner attachment to clean the keyboard. A vacuum cleaner can deposit household debris on the keyboard 



To prevent damage to internal components, do not allow liquids to drip between the keys.

To clean the TouchPad, keyboard, or mouse, use a soft microfiber cloth or a chamois moistened with one 

of the cleaning solutions listed previously or use an acceptable disposable wipe.

To prevent keys from sticking and to remove dust, lint, and particles from the keyboard, use a can of 

compressed air with a straw extension.

Traveling with or shipping your computer

If you have to travel with or ship your computer, follow these tips to keep your equipment safe.

Prepare the computer for traveling or shipping:

Back up your information to an external drive.

Remove all discs and all external media cards, such as memory cards.

Turn off and then disconnect all external devices.

Shut down the computer.

Take along a backup of your information. Keep the backup separate from the computer.

When traveling by air, carry the computer as hand luggage; do not check it in with the rest of your 



Avoid exposing a drive to magnetic fields. Security devices with magnetic fields include 

airport walk-through devices and security wands. Airport conveyer belts and similar security devices 

that check carry-on baggage use X-rays instead of magnetism and do not damage drives.


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